★ Markus Okur's Log - Testing the QUOTE.fm-App for iPad (Beta) – Exclusive Review

Testing the QUOTE.fm-App for iPad (Beta) – Exclusive Review

Lately, I received an Email from Marcel with an invitation to test the brandnew QUOTE.fm-iPad-App. (I tried to pretend exclusivity in the previous sentence). Finally an app pops out, that makes lean-back web possible.

I consider myself as a heavy user of QUOTE.fm. Reading good texts is my passion, call me a news-junkie if you want. I do read kilometres of them every single day. Reading texts on QUOTE.fm with my MacBook on the desk using the regular website was superb, but felt somehow a bit odd, if you know that there is also a nifty iPad in your room.

Let’s call this battle the lean-forward web versus the the lean-back web. I do still think, that desktops have their right to exist, but for a plattform like QUOTE.fm, an iOS-app makes so much sense: You’ll use it instantly in your kitchen, while pasta are cooking, in your bed, before you fall asleep or in the subway on the way to work.

Untill yesterday the user experience on the iPad was crap. Adding a text to QUOTE.fm in iOS-iPad-Safari was possible (due to this bookmarklet), but unfortunately not too intuitive and didn’t even work with every page. Reading a text from QUOTE.fm in Safari wasn’t too fancy neither – with a click on the quote, you were simply directed to the original page.

Another option was Reeder App, probably the best RSS-Reader for iOS. Posting to QUOTE.fm works by selecting text in the article or web page. Tapping on ‘Share…’ will then open the sharing panel, listing all supported services which can share text selections, one of them being QUOTE.fm. (At the moment only iPhone is supported, but an upgrade of the iPad-version is coming soon).

Conclusion: Reeder’s ‘Share to QUOTE.fm’ is nice, Readability’s reading-experience is cool, Instapaper ‘Read Later’-service is helpful for all procrastinators among us, but what’s really missing is an app, that combines everything: Great reading experience, great finding experience, great social experience on a mobile device. Here comes the QUOTE.fm-App.


Pretty nice icon. QUOTE.fm is all about finding and sharing great stories, that’s what this icon symbolizes. One could argue, that an icon with QUOTE.fm-Branding would be more memorable and easily recognisable, but I’m fine with this one.



As you know, QUOTE.fm consists of two parts: Finding and Reading. This dualism runs throughout the entire app: On the one handsite you see the Find-section. With a swipe in the left buttom corner your screen will flip and you’ll get to see the other site containing the Read-section. Maybe this dualism is a bit hard to understand at the beginning.

Little hint for Marcel: I think the ‘Swipe-To-Flip’ feature is not obvious enough and the ‘Find-Read’-concept isn’t promoted enough in the app.

User Profile:

Well, that’s it. The profile page actually looks nearly the same as in the desktop-version. I love the parallax effect. Number of recommendations is missing, but that’s maybe more dick swinging than this Following/Follower-thingy is.


Interesting UX-effect: If you swipe an article to the left, the options ‘Read Later’, ‘Recite’ and ‘Share’ appear. So far, I haven’t seen a solution like this in any other app on iOS  (Maybe the Delete-Swipe in ‘Clear’ is a bit comparable with this on).


A tap under the recommendation opens a sidebar. 

These are my beloved followers.






So, how do I add texts to QUOTE.fm on iPad? That’s a crucial question. As you can see in the picture above, the app recognizes URLs in the clipboard and ask you to either save them to the QUOTE.fm internal ‘Read Later’ service, to open the article in the in-app-browser or to do nothing.

This is basicly the normal view of the in-app-browser. New feature: There is a counter, thats help you not to quote more than 600 characters.

This is the look of the website, if you turn on the ‘read-mode’. (I wonder why there are no display settings with options like changing fonts-sizes, font-families, background-color etc.)

This is fancy. I think we will see this in the website-version soon, too.



Read Section


That’s cool. In the past, I used to send articles on QUOTE.fm to Instapaper, when I had no time to read them. Now, for this particular application the ‘Read Later-Unread’-feature replaces Instapaper.

This is how article looks like, if you tap on them in the ‘Read Later’-mode.


Kind of the internal bookmark service?


This is where you can put your read articles. Is it a kind of trash bin?


The same as in the ‘Find’-section

Add Text:

The same as in the ‘Find’-section, too. Maybe you could rename this tab to ‘Recommend’, as it has the same funtion?



The iPad-app is a great leap forward for the QUOTE.fm-plattform. Thank you @UARRR, @knuspermagier, @_martinwolf & @HerrAlbi. I will send you a list full of bugs soon.


Disclaimer: I know. My English is really bad as I’m not a native speaker. Sorry for that. Help me to get better!

24. July 2012